Executive Chef Jeff Woolley

fine dining at Manor on Golden Pond The Manor on Golden Pond is pleased to welcome back Executive Chef Jeff Woolley to our Van Horn Dining Room.  Chef Jeff came on board with us back in 2000.  He helped us to create our fabulous cuisine that started our ownership at the Manor.  Chef Jeff was new to the area, fell in love with the Lakes Region of New Hampshire and decided to stay.

Chef Jeff Woolley graduated, with distinction, from the Culinary Institute of America in the early '90's. From that foundation, and over the past 25+ years, he has gained experience working in some of the finest kitchens,and with some of the most talented chefs, in the country. From his roots in Buffalo, NY to a decade spent in the low-country of South Carolina.

Chef Woolley’s focus, even before it was trendy, was to seek out the finest, fresh local ingredients and to utilize them in straightforward, yet artistic presentations. Operating from the mindset that food can be both humble and extremely special, Chef Woolley takes great pride in focusing on the marriage of years of experience and new ideas, quietly contemplating research, patience and art, with the goal of providing every guest with an exceptional experience and an incredible, unpretentious meal.