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Making a hotel reservation in these times is a challenging endeavor since you’re never really sure whose website you are booking your reservation on.  So many of the third party booking sources, such as,, to just name a few, are making their websites look so similar to the official hotels website causing much confusion with the guest.  I cannot tell you how many times a guest has called and has booked their reservation from one of the Online travel agents and thought they were on our site.

There are so many advantages of booking directly with us at the Manor On Golden Pond. 

Confusion starts at the internet.   To book direct you always need to be on our website.   Many times with all the ads that the OTA’s pay for to get top ranking, our official website link is usually halfway down the page.  Always check the URL  to be sure that you are on the manorongoldenpond website.  If the URL does not begin with the following you are not on our direct website.

Also if the booking site is only offering you a type of room rather than a specific room name than you are not on the Manor’s website.

Plus the only place to use a BOOK NOW button is within our site.  You cannot reach the Book Now feature until you are within our website above.  Don’t let the OTA’s confuse you and make you think you are going to the hotels site if you click their Book Now buttion.  It can be maddening.

So we look forward to talking to you directly and making your getaway experiences a truly memorable experience.  Our staff enjoying finding the perfect room for you.

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